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Le test de positionnement est destiné à définir le niveau à partir duquel vous allez commencer votre apprentissage. Il comprend 70 questions.
Sélectionnez la bonne réponse dans la liste des propositions.
Essayez de réaliser ce test en maximum 30 minutes.
N’oubliez pas de remplir le questionnaire d’auto-évaluation.

Vous recevrez une réponse dans les 24 heures (jours ouvrables)

Select the answer to fill the blank space.

  • 1 your parents English?
  • 2 What under the table?
  • 3 My sister a very nice boyfriend.
  • 4 Excuse me, the station?
  • 5 Is any beer in the fridge?

Insert the appropriate expressions at the left into the conversation.

  • 6 Hello Jacob, ?
  • 7 , and you?
  • 8 I'm fine, too. ?
  • 9 . I have a new job.
  • 10 . That ‘s good news.
  • A. It's great, thanks
  • B. My name is Tom
  • C. Congratulations
  • D. What do you do
  • E. I'm well, thanks
  • F. How are you
  • G. How's work going

Select the answer to fill the blank space.

  • 11 There's no beer, but I've got wine.
  • 12 Do you work on Saturday?
  • 13 John's British but wife is French.
  • 14 What time get up tomorrow?
  • 15 I to the meeting by bus yesterday.

Insert the appropriate expressions at the left into the conversation.

  • 16 Hi Jack! I'm having a birthday party at my house next weekend. ?
  • 17 but
  • 18 to England for family reasons.
  • 19 What a shame! for a drink some time instead?
  • 20 Sure. !
  • A. Let's do that
  • B. I have to go
  • C. What about going out
  • D. I'd love to
  • E. I'm busy next week
  • F. Would you like to come
  • G. I can't come

Select the answer to fill the blank space.

  • 21 I to the cinema last Saturday.
  • 22 What on the radio about the election?
  • 23 My new car is the old one.
  • 24 "John's got a new car!" "So ."
  • 25 "Would you like a drink?" "Yes, ."

Select the notice at right that best expresses each idea.

  • 26 It's dangerous to swim here.
  • 27 You can pay less today than tomorrow.
  • 28 You can't drive here now.
  • 29 It is cheaper if you are young.
  • 30 You should drive carefully here.
  • A. Slow! Dangerous Crossroads
  • B. Road closed until midnight Sunday
  • C. Green Park Pool Hours 10am-5pm (closed Sunday)
  • D. Strong current. Do not go in the water
  • E. Half Price Sale. Ends today
  • F. Green Park Pool Admission adults £5.00; children £1.00
  • G. Members receive a 10% discount on all purchases

Select the answer to fill the blank space.

  • 31 I because it makes me feel good.
  • 32 This is the first time I sushi.
  • 33 My parents the beginning of 1985.
  • 34 He had an accident because too much at the party.
  • 35 The phone rang TV.

Insert the appropriate expressions at the left into the conversation.

  • Did you go to the jazz concert at the auditorium last week?
  • 36 You can't be serious! I jazz!
  • Didn't your friend Maria sing at that concert? I thought you went to listen to her.
  • 37 I think Maria has a fantastic voice, but I when she sings other types of music. For example, I've listened to her sing in operas many times.
  • 38 That's right, you really opera, don't you?
  • 39 I it, but I find it hard to appreciate singing in a language I can't understand.
  • 40 I , that's why I don't like rock music nowadays! At least with the Beatles I could understand what they were singing!
  • A. agree
  • B. enjoy
  • C. prefer
  • D. can't stand
  • E. don't mind
  • F. disagree
  • G. don't want

Select the answer to fill the blank space.

  • 41 The famous painting ‘Guernica' .
  • 42 I the bus before it reached the airport.
  • 43 I didn't know you a doctor.
  • 44 How long here?
  • 45 You come to the meeting, it's optional.

Select the best interpretation for the text in each picture.


Select the answer to fill the blank space.

  • 51 I slept more than nine hours, I still feel tired.
  • 52 I would help you if I enough time.
  • 53 If I the lottery I'll buy a bigger house.
  • 54 If he had taken that flight he .
  • 55 John said I his telephone.

Select the most appropriate response at right for the comments at left.

  • 56 May I see your driver's license, Sir?
  • 57 You'd better slow down with this rain!
  • 58 I'm afraid we haven't been able to look at your car yet, Sir.
  • 59 Statistics show that traffic violations are increasing.
  • 60 If you drive at this speed, we'll never get there!
  • A. Who's driving… you or me?
  • B. May I ask what data this is based on?
  • C. Hey, you're no Michael Schumacher yourself!
  • D. Why do you want to see my license?
  • E. May I speak with the manager, please?
  • F. Certainly, officer.
  • G. Are you crazy? I arrived 3 hours ago!

Select the answer to fill the blank space.

  • 61 I piano lessons when I was a child.
  • 62 I often go to Italy so I espresso.
  • 63 Where were you? You here three hours ago.
  • 64 Even if he found it .
  • 65 I can't use my office just now because it .

Insert the appropriate expressions below into the conversation.

  • What do you think of the editorial in today's newspaper against flying?
  • I don't agree with it completely.
  • 66 I don't see any reason why we should restrict air travel!
  • Well, flying does damage the environment, doesn't it?
  • 67 Everything damages the environment! we should just stop living?
  • 68 , I support some ideas in the article.
  • I can't wait to hear this. What do you agree with?
  • 69 we don't need to fly on holiday.
  • You can take your holidays in Manchester, but I'd rather work!
  • 70 ! You can enjoy yourself without flying across the ocean!
  • A. I certainly think
  • B. I don't at all
  • C. Don't exaggerate
  • D. So do I
  • E. Actually
  • F. Do you agree
  • G. Are you saying

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