As a manager, personnel manager or training manager, you represent a business and want to offer your colleagues one or more language training courses to enhance their language skills as part of their work, to make their commercial and professional discussions with your clients easier, to help with assignments or the development of your company abroad. You are a freelancer or professional and want to take lessons on one or more courses to meet the needs of your business.
Prolingua offers solutions to these professional needs, which are tailored to any initial language level and any availability.
This site is designed to guide you to the most suitable solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us: we are here to help, guide and advise on your choices.
From a practical and financial perspective, here are a few questions/answers that might be useful.

What co-financing help does the state offer for the training?

Whichever language is chosen, the state of Luxembourg offers private sector businesses various training aids amounting to 15%, which are taxable from the annual investment sum. To be able to benefit from these, the training organisation that you choose must be approved. Since 2001, Prolingua has therefore been registered under number 93928/A.

Find out about the various aids offered by our partner INFPC (national institute for the development of continuing vocational training).

Training co-financing aids

Is there specific funding for Luxembourgish courses?

As part of the promotion of the Luxembourgish language, the state offers various training aids. Private sector businesses that are legally based in Luxembourg can therefore recover a proportion of the costs associated with learning the Luxembourgish language. To benefit from this, it is essential for your training partner to be approved by the state, which has been the case for Prolingua since 2001 under number 93928/A.

Find out about the co-financing options from our partner INFPC (national institute for the development of continuing vocational training).

Subsidies for Luxembourgish courses

What about Luxembourgish training during working hours?

A special provision granted by the government allows salaried staff to learn Luxembourgish during working hours. The employer must therefore release the employees who wish to benefit from this provision. The state will then compensate the company for the times when the employees are absent.

Further information is available here

Language leave

Corporate customers ?

You can register your employees directly to our training, with your client code.

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