Prolingua is excited to present this incredible video of one of our Spanish teachers, Elizabeth, who has been teaching with passion for many years. This inspirational video gives insight into Elizabeth’s experience and expertise!

35 is a big number this year at Prolingua, we are celebrating our 35th anniversary!

This means that for every registration to a group (collective or intensive) course in week 35 of the year, we will donate €35/person to charity. Make sure you sign up between 27th and 31th August and support a good cause!

Nos professeurs de langues sont la force vive de notre entreprise. Ils contribuent chaque jour, à la réussite future de nos clients.
Naouelle Tir a fait un discours remarquable sur l’importance de nos professeurs, et sur comment ils donnent envie d’apprendre une nouvelle langue.

I’ve been walking around and about this topic for quite a while because there is such a huge amount of the works written on the psycholinguistics topic that you can easily be overwhelmed with the information. When a lot of smart people write a lot of smart things, and you start writing an article on […]

We would like to introduce you a new video of Prolingua that was first shown on 10 x 6 “Human Values” event last Wednesday. A huge thank you to Viviana Siclari and Bruno Souverbie who made this beautiful video, to the cast that agreed to be interviewed, and to Naouelle Tir who came up with […]

2018 will be a good year for Prolingua as we have just received official accreditation for our Luxembourgish courses. On the 16th November 2017, the Ministry for Education, Children and Youth validated our Luxembourgish classes for all levels from A1 to B1.3. So what does this mean for you? Thanks to this accreditation, you can […]

One day, an IT engineer ran into Prolingua looking very worried. He had just received a promotion which would mean him travelling regularly to English speaking countries. His level was rather weak and he was convinced that he would never manage it, especially when he thought back to his nightmarish English lessons at school. Oh, […]

Apprendre une autre langue est devenu une nécessité dans le milieu du travail, en particulier à Luxembourg où le multilinguisme est de rigueur. Bien souvent, vos collègues ne parlent pas la même langue que vous, la langue usuelle de travail est différente de la vôtre et/ou votre secteur d’activité comporte un vocabulaire spécifique qu’il est […]

Distance learning, a real possibility with Prolingua. These days, when getting around the city is becoming more and more difficult and when managing our time seems more and more challenging, it is not always easy to follow a face-to face language course, either individually or in a group, at Prolingua or anywhere else. As a […]

1. To start from the beginning, can you tell us how you joined Prolingua? I joined Prolingua almost 3 years ago as the head of the English Department. The reason I came here is that my partner is Luxembourgish and we both decided to move to the Grand Duchy after she finished her PhD in […]

Originally from Poland Dariusz Sikora works as a financial controller, he enrolled in the intensive class at Prolingua to accelerate his learning process.

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