Group courses

General language

With which objective ?
These courses are based on your communication skills in Luxemburgish.

  • To expand your linguistic and grammatical skills in Luxemburgish
  • To improve your reading and listening comprehension in Luxemburgish
  • To improve your oral and written communication in Luxemburgish

Term courses

  • 22 sessions of 75 minutes
  • 2 sessions per week

Intensive courses

  • 3-week course
  • 4 sessions per week

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11 sessions of 75 minutes

With which objective?

  • To maintain contact with the language and to express yourself in a small group on current economic, social, cultural topics etc.

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Cours sur-mesure

As their name suggests, these courses can take place :

  • In your company
  • On the premises of Prolingua
  • Remotely
How ? Face to face, by telephone, in a virtual classroom or in mixed training

Do you want to learn Luxemburgisch?
Do you want to improve the level of your Luxemburgish?

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Do you work in a profession that demands knowledge of specific vocabulary in Luxembourgish?
Does your professional environment require special language skills?

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Do you have a particular objective inherent to your profession, upon which you wish to work?
A gap to fill although you have a command of Luxembourgish in other respects?

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Courses for young people

Academic support

Your child is aged 13 to 17 years

You wish he / she learns a new language or improve academic achievement ?
Prolingua is here to help !

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