Group courses

General language

With which objective ?
These courses are based on your communication skills in German.

  • To expand your linguistic and grammatical skills in German
  • To improve your reading and listening comprehension in German
  • To improve your oral and written communication in German

Term courses

  • 18 sessions of 90 minutes
  • 2 sessions per week

Intensive courses

  • 3-week course
  • 4 sessions per week

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11 sessions of 75 minutes

With which objective?

  • To maintain contact with the language and to express yourself in a small group on current economic, social, cultural topics etc.

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Tailor-made courses

As their name suggests, these courses can take place :

  • In your company
  • On the premises of Prolingua
  • Remotely
How ? Face to face, by telephone, in a virtual classroom or in mixed training

Do you want to learn German?
Do you want to improve the level of your German?

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Is the working language of your company not your native language?
Do your clients and colleagues speak German… but not you?

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Do you work in a profession that demands knowledge of specific vocabulary in German?
Does your professional environment require special language skills?

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Do you have a particular objective inherent to your profession, upon which you wish to work?
A gap to fill although you have a command of German in other respects?

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Do you want to improve the level of your German in the context of your everyday work life, particularly for internal communication?
To be more confident in ordinary professional contact and discussions?

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Courses for young people

Academic support

Your child is aged 13 to 17 years

You wish he / she learns a new language or improve academic achievement ?
Prolingua is here to help !

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