Dear parents,

At Prolingua, we are convinced that the best way to learn modern languages is through interactive practice rather than sitting in front of a blackboard. That’s why we have set up our Summer School, where your children will learn and develop their skills through interesting activities which have been designed to match their interests. With our new total immersion package, the students will spend the morning working on learning projects and the afternoon participating in fun activities (writing blogs, creating videos, playing games..)

Knowing and mastering a language: it’s a real plus for boosting your children’s future and helping them to succeed in life. With Prolingua, give them a real head start!


To allow them to make significant progress in French or in English by:

  • improving reading and listening comprehension;
  • improving their spoken and written production;
  • developing their vocabulary.

To allow them to meet young people of their own age and:

  • study in a friendly and international environment;
  • participate in creative workshops;
  • meet even more young people during the breaks in class.
THE PRICE : 690€ the first week (and 483€ the 2nd optional week)
(inc. Tax, learning materials, snacks, lunch and drinks)

Early Bird Package 590 € for each inscription made before 15th June 2019


The course level

In order to make sure that your children are put into a suitable group, it is vital that they complete the placement test on our website maximum one week after their registrations. Their speaking level will be evaluated later by phone.

Levels range from elementary module A2.2 to independent level B2
Please note: beginner’s levels A1 and A2.1 will be only offered as private courses. (please contact us)

What are the course details?

school children between 12 and 18
English and French

1 or 2 week(s) (from Monday to Friday)

From 9h15 to 13h00, lunch break, then 14h00 to 16h30

Lunch will be provided by Prolingua and drinks will be available throughout the day. Should your children have any allergies, please inform us in advance. During the breaks, students will be able to take advantage of our sunny patio. However, they will not be allowed to leave the Prolingua premises.