Having been established in 1983 and being active in professional language training, the company Prolingua is also a commercial and administrative structure that aims to establish a stable and trusting relationship with the public, whether professionals or private individuals.

In addition to the 115 professional trainers responsible for the courses and training, a dedicated team in administrative, financial and commercial management of the structure is available to respond to your requests for information, fees or follow-up.

Managers, trainers or administrative and commercial management: all our colleagues share the same values of service, quality and responsiveness and make Prolingua a professional partner that works in close collaboration with its clients.

We are delighted now to introduce our team, your special contacts for any information request or requirement.

Management Team

Marc KeschMarc Kesch
Managing Director
(+352) 40 39 91-0

Naouelle Tir - Sales ManagerNaouelle Tir
Deputy Managing Director
(+352) 40 39 91-60

Commercial Team

Rute Silva 
Sales Officer
(+352) 40 39 91-74

Carine JoyeuxCarine Joyeux
Manager responsible for group courses
(+352) 40 39 91-46

Anne SchroederAnne Schroeder
Manager responsible for Tailor-made courses
(+352) 40 39 91-72


Administrative Team

Edith Lessard
Director of Personnel Administration
(+352) 40 39 91-0

Christian TamielloChristian Tamiello
Director of Studies
(+352) 40 39 91-0