September 30 press conference: Phygital courses

Sneak peak of our press conference that took place on September 30, 2021 and during which weintroduced our Phygital courses.

What is Phygital and what are the benefits?

This concept will allow you to be able to attend the same course either remotely (thanks to the cameras, microphones and interactive multimedia boards present in each room), or face-to-face.

The Phygital will give you the immense freedom of the face-to-face course, but digitally if you are at work or working from home.

Thanks to new quality equipment, you will be able to interact with the trainer and the students present, as if you were in the same room!

From this month of November, all our intensive courses will be in Phygital.

From January 2022, all of our courses will be in Phygital.

You can watch an overview of our Phygital courses thanks to demonstration videos filmed by L’essentiel, during our press conference:

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