My Experience of Learning a Foreign Language – What About Yours?

I’ve been walking around and about this topic for quite a while because there is such a huge amount of the works written on the psycholinguistics topic that you can easily be overwhelmed with the information. When a lot of smart people write a lot of smart things, and you start writing an article on the same topic, you feel like the inventor of a Tesla. But I still want to try to write about it and keep it as simple as possible.

The main problems or issues that I faced can be reduced to a capacious expression “language barrier” which I had to either jump over or overcome, either bypass or break; to keep it simple, deal with it! Thus, while trying to overcome or break the barrier and making the mistakes along the way, I started blaming the innocent language, and even worse, myself; thereby, making it more difficult to improve my English. Watching other people learning a language and trying to analyze my mistakes, I came to the conclusion that during the learning process various psychological problems tend to occur:

  • Perfectionism
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Excessive self-confidence
  • Poor motivation
  • Tendency to total control over everything
  • Fear of public speaking
  • And an incredible number of any other different issues people face while learning a language.

Did you experience some of them or you had another ones? Because I am sure that you’ve been going through some of the issues when first started learning a language. Everyone does!

While many people try to find the core reason of their language barrier either in the wrong learning methods or in their poor self-motivation, which might be the case, I think that the key to master the language much depends on the teacher. An experienced teacher who faced with a malicious student, like me, was able to find her technique of management such as all sorts of “stroking” and encouraging, skilful formulation of comments and error corrections, a general friendly atmosphere during lessons, finding a balance between correction and non-correction of errors, even breathing exercises, etc. There are so many techniques that you cannot keep count of them!

As my teacher repeatedly told me: “Do not just forget one thing: Any goal is just a milestone on the road, nothing more. Beauty and interest await us on the way to it!”.

You cannot learn to run without learning how to walk. Why trying to figure out how to get rid of the barrier on your own if there is someone who can guide you and help you with this? That’s what people often forget, and this is the main reason why people always find it difficult to master the language.

And you, what was your biggest challenge while learning a language and how did you handle it?

We, the Prolingua team, are very interested in your unique experience. Your opinion matters to us!


Naouelle Tir
Directrice Commerciale at Prolingua S.A.

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