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2018 will be a good year for Prolingua as we have just received official accreditation for our Luxembourgish courses. On the 16th November 2017, the Ministry for Education, Children and Youth validated our Luxembourgish classes for all levels from A1 to B1.3.

So what does this mean for you?

Thanks to this accreditation, you can choose Prolingua to help you gain Luxembourgish nationality. The Law of the 8th March 2017 introduced 11 different options which allow access to the simplified procedure for becoming Luxembourgish. Among these options is being a resident in Luxembourg for at least 20 years and if you fulfil this requirement, you no longer need to take a language examination. Simply attending a Luxembourgish course of at least 24 hours will suffice. This course must be organised by a school which has received the official accreditation.

Thanks to this change in law and our recent accreditation, becoming Luxembourg by option with Prolingua has never been so simple….nor so quick, because you won’t have to wait for months to get a place in an often overcrowded class.

And that’s not all! You can also be fully or partially reimbursed for the course fees of our Luxembourgish classes. As indicated in Article 14 of the Luxembourg regulation dated 30 June 2017 concerning the evaluation of Luxembourgish language, all you have to do is complete the reimbursement form and send it to the « Service de L’Indigénat » of the Justice Ministry, along with a receipt from Prolingua.

Prolingua offers Luxembourgish language courses adapted to the provisions of the law of 8 March 2017 on nationality.
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