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Prolingua offers a free complement to its training, whether collective, tailor-made or virtual: the e-learning platform.

What is it about ? It is an e-learning platform that hosts learning content in the form of exercises for learners. Using a password, you sign in to your account on the platform and can do a series of exercises related to language points studied in lessons with your teacher, if you wish. They can be written production exercises – sentences to be completed, selection of words from a predefined list, etc. – fully audiovisual. You can send audio and video recordings that will allow your trainer to evaluate not only your grammar and vocabulary but also your pronunciation.

Thanks to Prolingua’s e-learning platform, you are permanently connected to the language you want to learn or master.

Wherever you are – at home, on the way back by train or on the bus – and at any time, you have access to a host of original exercises, directly related to the themes taught in the classroom. Through these customized exercises, you complete the training course followed. You are sure to find the same lexical theme and the same level of difficulty and will be able to perform the tasks you are asked to do. In addition, most of the written production exercisess are automatically corrected. You can repeat as many times as you want if you want to improve your score.

Prolingua’s e-learning platform is a great interactive tool that develops your relationship with the trainer and other students.

When they are not automatically corrected, your exercises are reviewed personally by your teacher who sends his corrections and remarks directly to your account. You can even ask him additional questions via personal messages. If you are participating in a group course, you can also interact with other students in your class to compare and comment on your respective results. Interactive, customized and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Prolingua’s e-learning platform gives you the ability to quickly and solidly achieve your linguistic goals.

With constant monitoring and updating, the platform evolves to meet your learning needs as closely as possible.

It is the only online language learning platform in Luxembourg to offer entirely original and tailor-made content. Designed from A to Z by Prolingua trainers, all exercises on the platform are regularly updated, refreshed and reinvented. Taking advantage of new possibilities offered by the Internet and combining sound, images and text, our online platform showcases our teachers’ creativity in helping you learn a foreign language in the most playful and modern way possible.

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