The virtual classroom: cutting edge language learning technology

Virtual Classroom Prolingua

Distance learning, a real possibility with Prolingua.

These days, when getting around the city is becoming more and more difficult and when managing our time seems more and more challenging, it is not always easy to follow a face-to face language course, either individually or in a group, at Prolingua or anywhere else. As a solution to this problem and to allow those who wish to learn a language at their own rhythm, at home, at work or even abroad, Prolingua offers an innovative service which is unique in Luxembourg : the virtual classroom.

With Prolingua’s know-how and a minimum of material, you can now improve your linguistic competence wherever you like.

All you need is a good internet connection, an email address, a webcam and a headset with a microphone. Your first contact will allow your trainer to determine your level and your objectives, the administration department will help to decide on the dates and frequency of your lessons and your virtual classroom is ready to go! A few minutes before the start of each lesson, your trainer will send you an email with a link on which to contact them. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes and is generally preceded by your trainer sending the documents necessary in order to completely prepare for the lesson.

With Prolingua’s virtual classrooms, you enter a world of learning based on multimedia, interactivity and mobility.

Over the course of each lesson, the trainer can use and combine a variety of different learning materials, whether they be texts, sound files, pictures or videos. You can also use an interactive whiteboard with your trainer, take part in quizzes, surf the internet and watch videos together. Everything is possible! Another great advantage is that the virtual classroom is mobile, you can even participate using a tablet.

Prolingua’s virtual classrooms open a new perspective on language learning.

Thanks to their interactive nature and the variety of possibilities for using multimedia, virtual classrooms keep learners engaged and motivated. Every minute counts in a virtual classroom, there is no time to waste, no silent pauses – maximum concentration is required to ensure efficient use of the time. Participating in a virtual classroom with Prolingua involves packed lessons and the possibility to make rapid progress.

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