Meet Our Student – Dariusz Sikora


1. Tell us little bit about yourself

Originally I am from Poland and I work as a financial controller. Together with my family I have been living in Luxembourg since 2010. Before moving to Luxembourg I studied and worked in the Netherlands where my Luxembourgish friend invited me and my wife to the Grand Duchy. Our first visit was in 2007 when Luxembourg city was the European Cultural Capital, later we visited the Schueberfouer and eventually moved here. I think it was a good decision as the standard of living is quite high here and Luxembourg is great place for families.

2. Why did you decide to study Luxembourgish?

Honestly speaking, I don’t want to be someone who has lived in country for a long time and does not speak the local language. I would like to know what is happening in the country. Also Luxembourgish is essential to integrate with locals. Maybe you can survive without the Luxembourgish language in a city but as I live outside I need it to communicate with my neighbours in Luxembourgish. Also my kids go to a Luxembourgish crèche and they already speak the language, so I would like to speak with them in Luxembourgish.

3. Why did you choose to study at Prolingua?

Before joining Prolingua I attended another language school where groups were large and the teaching “method” was different. As I intended to progress quickly, a friend recommended I do Prolingua’s intensive course. I think it was a wise decision to enroll in the intensive class and accelerate my learning process.

4. Tell us about your Luxembourgish class

I am quite happy how the teaching process was organized. There was a good combination of grammar, speaking, games, vocabulary and practical exercises. As the group was small all our questions were answered and I have a feeling that my progress was real. The course helped me to put together all my knowledge of language together but I still need to improve. I am planning to join the next intensive course at B1 level.

Do you have favourite Luxembourgish words or phrases?

There are few words which I find very useful and practical in daily use. My favourite ones are “Pipifax” and “Tiptop”.

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