From level A1, through to B2 module 2, these courses are based on communication skills. They will help you to develop your speaking and writing skills, expand your vocabulary and grammar knowledge, as well as improving your reading and listening skills.

Term courses
• 22 sessions of 75 minutes
• 2 sessions a week
• Courses from 12:20 to 13:35 or 18:30 to 19:45
• 6 languages to choose from: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Luxembourgish
• 5 hours Itslearning activities

Intensive courses :
• 3 weeks of lessons
• 12 sessions of 125 minutes
• 4 sessions a week
• From Monday to Thursday from 9:15 to 11:30 or from 18:15 to 20:30
• 4 languages to choose from: English, French, German, Luxembourgish
• 5 hours Itslearning activities

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An individual course with very favourable conditions could be the ideal solution for you. Follow this link for a price estimation or to order a course.

Luxembourgish language courses under the provisions of the law of 8 March 2017 on nationality under the reference SFA/AGRF/8

Following the accreditation of Luxembourgish language course programs under the provisions of the law of 8 March 2017 on nationality under the reference SFA/AGRF/8, Prolingua offers course packages to residents for at least 20 years in order to meet the prerequisites.

1. Group courses duration 11 weeks : 670€ TTC

2. After Lunch Deal : 40x 45 mn - 30 hours : 1920€TTC (attention this tariff is subject to conditions: Fixed and unchangeable schedules, purchase of material is mandatory)

3. Tailor-made courses : 30h : 2500€ HT (material included and flexible schedules)

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Our Courses

Group courses

General language (term & intensive), conversation, written expression.

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Tailor-made courses

General language, business, specialist, specific objective, professional orientation.

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Courses for young people

Prolingua Summer School, academic support.

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Free and non-binding
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Special offers

Permanent offers

We offer special discounts valid all year
For registration renewal, job seekers, students or filles au pair, dicover our special discounts.

After Lunch Deal

A customized and flexible solution to learn or improve a foreign language
To individuals, the formula IN THE BOX offers individual lessons at discounted rates.


Elisabeth’s Interview | Spanish Teacher

Prolingua is excited to present this incredible video of one of our Spanish teachers, Elizabeth, who has been teaching with passion for many years. This inspirational video gives insight into Elizabeth’s experience and expertise!

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Happy Birthday Prolingua

35 is a big number this year at Prolingua, we are celebrating our 35th anniversary!

This means that for every registration to a group (collective or intensive) course in week 35 of the year, we will donate €35/person to charity. Make sure you sign up between 27th and 31th August and support a good cause!

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My Experience of Learning a Foreign Language – What About Yours?

I’ve been walking around and about this topic for quite a while because there is such a huge amount of the works written on the psycholinguistics topic that you can easily be overwhelmed with the information. When a lot of smart people write a lot of smart things, and you start writing an article on […]

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