Hello, my name is Ben Hadden ! I am the new Director of studies at Prolingua


From London, I initially completed my Bachelors degree in Media and Cultural Studies at the Southampton Institute of Higher Education (now Solent University). I worked backstage in a theatre for a number of years before deciding to become a TEFL teacher so that I could live and work abroad.  I completed my entry-level Cambridge certificate (CELTA) in 2001, and went to Japan in 2002 to teach children and adults.  I fell in love with teaching English as a Foreign Language and decided to make this my career.

I returned to London in 2004 and worked for a number of language schools in the city until 2008.  I completed my Cambridge Diploma (DELTA) in 2007, which was a rewarding and practical course, and helped develop my knowledge of teaching methodology, approaches, and gave me a greater linguistic awareness.

In 2008, I moved to Oxford, where I remained for 6 years.  While in Oxford, I completed my Masters in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition at the University of Oxford, further broadening my knowledge of the research that underpins our vocation.  During my Masters, I conducted an original piece of research on students’ monitoring strategies while taking writing tests, using mixed methods research methodology (quantitative and qualitative).

In April 2014, I moved here with my partner (who is Luxembourgish), and started work as Head of the English department, a role which I enjoy as it gives me the opportunity to develop our teaching staff, our course programs, and ensure that we are working at the best of our ability.

As from 1st February, I have been the Director of Studies, and I aim to continue in this job with the dedicated and dynamic approach I believe I have brought to all of my roles within education.

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